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CHARACTER The Duchess of Kirkcaldy

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2008, 6:30 AM


BEST REFERENCE: Kirkcaldy -1- by themanyworlds BEST REFERENCE: Kirkcaldy -2- by themanyworlds BEST REFERENCE: Kirkcaldy -3- by themanyworlds BEST REFERENCE: Kirkcaldy -4- by themanyworlds BEST REFERENCE: Kirkcaldy -5- by themanyworlds

To call Kirkcaldy a ray of sunshine isn't doing her justice. She is simply one of the most radiant personalities ever to live, so filled with hope and love it's bursting out her seams. Were there any justice in the world, her footsteps would grow daffodils and birds would sing her praises and she would light the whole of the night sky.

But that's not to say Kirkcaldy's perfect. She gets angry sometimes, or upset, but such emotions are fleeting. She always returns to being the sweetest, sappiest little girl you'll ever meet, capable of forgiving literally any transgression, of loving the world no matter what happens, or trusting and believing so wholeheartedly it defies all logic. Wherever she goes, she does her best to make the people around her happy, giving selflessly and joyfully to all around her. Her sole purpose in life is to spread light and goodwill. She wouldn't hurt a fly, not even a mosquito, and would sooner lay down her life than pick up a weapon or strike another person.

Naturally, the people around Kirkcaldy treat her like a national treasure and spoil her, but she's saved from being spoiled completely rotten by the influence of n'Barit, who raised her not to care about material possessions and to value spiritual wealth and self-discipline. Kirkcaldy is forever grateful to him for showing her the proper way to do things and protecting her no matter what. She does everything in her power to make him happy to repay this debt of gratitude. She saw what his life was life before she entered it and refuses to let him return to that self-loathing and hardship. She saved him, and she knows it, and it became her life's purpose to save others, one person at a time.

If Kirkcaldy could, she would eradicate all pain and suffering in the universe. She just wishes everyone could be happy and get along and stop fighting and hating. She knows that, short of some bizarre miracle, this will never happen, so instead she focuses on doing whatever she can. Any time she sees someone smile because of something she's done to help, she feels like her entire existence is justified.

This is an important thing to her. She lived once before, long ago, but squandered her existence and paid a hefty price. This time around, she fully intends to make the most of what she has been given. She can't expect a third try.

Having been sheltered most of her life, Kirkcaldy can be a bit naive about how things work in the world, but this should never be mistaken for ineptitude. While it's true she doesn't do very well with technology, she is quite good with philosophy and theology. N'Barit and Daub made quite sure of that in their own misguided way.

For the most part, Kirkcaldy doesn't see the point of modern technologies. She has a very good work ethic thanks to n'Barit and feels strongly that there are no substitutes for a good bit of hard work. Thank to Daub, she also views old ways as being more than sufficient for most aspects of living. Modern technology is, to her, just a bit of idle fun, a whimsical piece of entertainment, not to be taken seriously.

Costume Design: Allowed.

Attire: Kirkcaldy wears a lot of dresses, usually frilly white or basic layered green for her daily routine, but she loves to play dress-up. Her closet has costumes from every time period and culture imaginable. She especially loves brightly-colored, festive costumes, and while she does usually wear dresses, she doesn't like bustles. (But she likes bloomers enough to add them to her daily wardrobe.)

Additional: Kirkcaldy has a strange red bauble attached to her arm by a silver cord. It can levitate.
Kirkcaldy's favorite color is green because of n'Barit. She has the ability to heal plants and people.

Once upon a time there was a girl who caused a lot of mischief. She was sent to the Temple of Persephone to try and learn some humility, but instead she ate a piece of the sacred pomegranate, which contained in it the energies of the Underworld. That little girl became no more, soul ripped from body, pulled away into a swirling maelstrom to reflect upon its misdeeds. Then, one day, a second chance arose, and the soul took on a human form again, her cheeks forever stained by the mark of the pomegranate.

So it was Kirkcaldy came to enter the life of n'Barit Kinmera, outcast wanderer, and got a second chance at life. She found n'Barit on the world of Gaia, where he had gone to escape the protection of the Triumvirate, and pushed her way through the veil between the living and the dead to reach him. She knew somehow that this was a person she was meant to help, and from her first moments in the world as a tiny, frightened baby, she gave him a purpose in life. N'Barit had lost his home and his way, but suddenly he had something to care for, and he saw Kirkcaldy's arrival as a chance to try and raise a non-Yuulani by Yuulani traditions.

Kirkcaldy was from the start a caring baby, looking after n'Barit just as much as he looked after her. She was quick to follow his every example, subjecting herself to the strict rules of his religion. Anything to please this person who had helped her get her second chance at life, and whom she felt compelled to rescue from himself. She called him indyadin, the Yuulani word for father figure. N'Barit shielded Kirkcaldy in every way possible from the world, his actions unfathomable to most humans, but Kirkcaldy never complained for a moment. She saw it as part of her penance in this life. Most importantly, with each day that passed, n'Barit became more confident, less self-loathing, eventually finding reason to smile in this remarkable little girl. Kirkcaldy made him her whole universe, and together, it seemed like there was nothing they couldn't do.

So when they one day came across a man sitting in the middle of the Bridge, broken and lonely, Kirkcaldy stopped and made n'Barit help him. His name was Daub, and he'd gotten a bit lost, so they helped him get back home. Daub insisted on thanking them with some food, and then Kirkcaldy was so tired she fell asleep, so they ended up staying the night. Daub was so desperate and lonely he begged them not to leave the next day, and n'Barit acquiesced (after much grumbling). Kirkcaldy was deligted, for even though she'd only known Daub a day, he had an energy all his own and she found it positively enchanting. She immediately decided she had to make sure that energy didn't get lost in all the other emotional baggage Daub was carrying around.

Daub quickly lived up to every one of Kirkcaldy's expectations. He was a maverick, to be sure, but tremendous fun, and his house was full of new things to explore: the jukebox that played everything, the closets full of costumes to dress up in, new foods and stories from all sorts of far-off lands. Daub was very well-educated, and Kirkcaldy eagerly studied everything she could learn from him, including reading and writing and history. He had quite a considerable library. She flourished in Daub's house.

But n'Barit, seeing how much Daub had to offer Kirkcaldy, began to feel unneeded and decided to leave. Kirkcaldy and Daub were devastated. They immediately chased n'Barit down and set him straight: they needed him, a lot, because n'Barit was the one who always set Daub straight when Daub was doing something dumb, and as far as Kirkcaldy was concerned n'Barit was the universe and she lived because of him and nothing was ever going to make him stop being the most important person. They convinced n'Barit to come back and Daub decided all n'Barit really needed was something of his own to do, so they got him a sparring partner, a former assassin named Ami Mitsura who lived down the street. That seemed to make n'Barit more than a little happy, and Kirkcaldy and Daub found themselves exchanging knowing glances when n'Barit stood in the window, eagerly waiting for Ami to come over.

As lovely as this life was, Daub was still carrying around one big scar from his past, and Kirkcaldy decided they needed to fix that. She arranged for herself and Daub to return to Daub's homeworld and track down information on his mother. They ended up traveling 1600 years into the future to find Daub's mother, and in the process met his father, Alan, thus sorting out the details of Daub's past and parentage. That out of the way, they were ready to return home.

Only, they ran into a most unexpected person: a teenaged girl, about Kirkcaldy's age: Daub's daughter. Duab was shocked to learn he had a daughter, and her name was Arcadia, and Arcadia blamed Daub for her mother's death. She tried to attack Daub and Kirkcaldy got in the middle to try and stop the other girl. They decided to take her back tot eh Triumvirate until they could figure out what to do with the angry young girl. Back home, Daub told Arcadia of his memories of her mother, which calmed Arcadia down a bit, and eventually she forgave Daub (especially since it was hardly his fault) and went back to her world. Kirkcaldy and Daub breathed a sigh of relief.

No sooner had that sigh left their lips a little boy turned up, yet another apparent progeny of Daub's. His name was Alistair. Thankfully, Alistair was much more happy and charming than Arcadia had been, and became a weekly visitor. Kirkcaldy taught Alistair a lot of the things she had learned from n'Barit and Daub, and while Alistair thought a lot of it was really weird, he grew quite attached to his new "sister" and they became good friends. Arcadia began to turn up on occasion, too.

Kirkcaldy was now old enough to begin to consider what she might do with her life. There were so many paths open to her it was hard to know what to do. She only knew she wanted to help people, to make them better than they were, and because of this desire she found her way to the praetorians and met a boy names Talos Perdison...

1. Kirkcaldy playing dress-up with all sorts of colorful costumes from around the world. (Optional: with Arcadia and/or Alistair.)
2. Kirkcaldy healing the plants in Daub's once-dead garden.
3. N'Barit, little Kirkcaldy in his arm, standing outside a bakery, looking in at all the lovely baked things he can't afford to buy for Kirkcaldy.
4. Sitting under the stars on a grassy hillside with n'Barit, Daub optional.
5. Daub teaching Kirkcaldy to dance.
6. Kirkcaldy and Talos sitting on a little stone wall at the side of the garden, their hands close but not touching, Talos with one leg up.

n'Barit Kinmera - Kirkcaldy's indyadin (father), he was the reason she was able to live again, and she became his reason to live for. Though strict, n'Barit has always done his best to protect Kirkcaldy, and she loved him dearly.
Anthony Arthur "Daub" Andrews - Kirkcaldy's other father, he's been just as much an influence in her life as n'Barit. Kirkcaldy gained from Daub an appreciation for learning and a tolerance for many different cultures and viewpoints.
Thomas "Wills" Willoughby - Daub's schoolmate, Thomas followed them back to the Triumvirate and loved the place so much he made it a permanent resident. To Kirkcaldy he's a bit of a benefactor, providing a more sane, normal viewpoint than n'Barit and Daub possess (though not by much).
Alistair Andrews-Yeats - Daub's son, Kirkcaldy's little brother in her estimation. Sweet, adorable little boy, but Kirkcaldy can be guilty of sometimes overlooking his faults. There's a beast in that little boy, and what will become of it no one knows yet.
Ami Mitsura - A former assassin, one of Daub's neighbors and n'Barit's sparring partner. Also n'Barit's semi-official girlfriends.
Arcadia Radcliffe - Daub's daughter, she was initially very resentful of Kirkcaldy, but gradually stopped blaming Kirkcaldy for being a part of Daub's life. They're on decent terms now. Arcadia loves to try on the costumes in Kirkcaldy's closet and borrow them sometimes.
Laceana Brown - Daub's maid, Kirkcaldy has worked alongside Laceana in cleaning the house. They're not particularly close.
Talos Perdison - ...?

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